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Get guidance from experienced spiritual seekers and practitioners

Jyotish Consultations

Jyotish Consultations

A Jyotish consultation will shed powerful insights into your present-day life, and what the future might hold and give you simple, yet powerful remedies to balance the planetary influences in your chart. You’ll get an understanding of the underlying astrological influences of your life, your strengths, weaknesses, and potential opportunities. A Jyotish consultation can therefore help you make wiser decisions that ultimately lead to greater success, happiness, and spiritual growth.
Vastu Consultations

Vastu Consultations

Discover the energetic blueprint of your home or workspace with the ancient science of Vastu.

Learn all about the impact positioning has on every aspect of your life. Whether you’re struggling with health, finances, or relationships, you’ll get easy-to-implement remedies

to reverse any negative energy that’s unconsciously (and undesirably!) activated.

A Vastu consultation will help you maximize the positive energy in your environment. From the foot of the front door to the heart of your living room, make the most of your space with a Vastu analysis by our expert team.



Learn the sacred science of Jyotish & Vastu, as it has been passed on for thousands of years

Whether you’re exploring for the first time, or you’re a practicing scholar, we have Jyotish and Vastu training programs available just for you!

  • beginners
  • intermediate
  • advanced
Upcoming courses will be announced shortly, Stay tuned.
About us
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The Art of Living JyotiṣVāstu Academy is the official Art of Living channel for vedic astrology and Vastu consultations, trainings, and research

Under the guidance of a world-renowned spiritual master, Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, and backed by an evidence-based approach, we offer comprehensive Jyotish and Vastu consultations, training, and research.


Our instructors and consultants are renowned and highly experienced scholars who are deeply connected to their intuitive abilities, thanks to their daily spiritual practices.

Through advanced statistical research methods and technology, our research team diligently tests recommendations of the scriptures, establishing powerful tools that are relevant for a modern lifestyle.